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Update tastic..!

So, things are ok. I've seen Nancy and some other friends the last few days, and spent this evening watching the Dark Knight with my housemate and another friend- has been nice to just enjoy being with chums.

I was trolling facebook earlier, and noticed something incredibly sad though. A couple of weeks back I went out to Fabric, a big club in Laaandan. It was to mark my mate Lee's birthday, and a couple of others actually made it out to the nightclub, including his brother Andrew. He was a really friendly guy, and I remember talking with him about his relationship that had gone tits-up recently and he seemed really hopeful that he might work things through with her. Well, on facebook, there's a group mourning his recent passing. Only met him for a few hours, but it's the saddest thing I've known in years. So much life and hope, no more :(

I can take a little heart I suppose though, that the two brothers hadn't seen each other in a long while, so at least they got to have a good night out with each other.
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