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Quasi-regular updates, howsabout that!

Things are going fine in Switzerland, the people are very reserved, despite the fact that randomers say hello (Or "Salu") to me all over the place. But the work is fine, I did a nice big experiment last week that went pretty much perfectly and didn't need me to come in at 4a.m. in the morning like it would at UCL (just to flip a switch) so that was nice.

On Friday I jumped on ze train to Geneva and went across the mountains and by the lake to catch a flight back to London for the weekend. Flight was a bit delayed so didn't get in til 10p.m. but Becky was there to meet me, she had been early as well, oops! On Saturday we got some lunch and then struggled to fit in everything we both had to do, which for me was organising some samples to send over from uni, do a load of shopping, get a haircut, and sort out some bank thinggies before going off to Nick's bday celebration in De Hems, before we went to meet Becky's mother in Camden for dinner, and then on to one of Becky's friends' birthday parties in Proud Galleries nearby. Quite an impressive venue but some of the staff are total pricks. But it was good fun and nice for us both to meet more of each others' peeps.

Sunday was more rushing around on my part, before Becky went back home in the afternoon to finish off her dissertation (Her uni handily got the deadline wrong so she had to give it on today, rather than Wednesday). I got most of my plans finished, but no haircut, ops. Still, got loads of good things (stranger!), a few books to keep me busy and the kind of packaged foods that I would take for granted in Engerland. I'm eating a lot more healthily these days so any help on that front is always good. English style curry on the way right now, yum yum!

Becky comes to visit Friday, she'll then be here for 10 days or so... can't wait. And she won't have the annoying dissertation hanging over her so she can actually relax and enjoy the beautiful country while I slave away at work. Students eh :P
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