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End of the road   
12:40am 18/10/2010
mood: optimistic
So just aboot to go to sleep, as it's my last couple of days working in Switzerland this week, before coming back on Wednesday. It's been a good 2/3 months. Well, the work hasn't gone especially well but I have results and stuff so that's ok and should get all the dosh I'm owed fairly soon. At the moment my bank account is basically drained, and Marie messing up the return of my deposit has not helped, and I have to wait until start of November before transferring the remaining pay from Switzerland to my Barclays account. I -should- have enough to last until then. I'm staying at Becky's mother's place in Windsor until she leaves, and her mother has kindly offered to lend me some moolah to cover the trip to South America I have planned with Becky for next year.

In total Becky came to visit three times, and it was really great having my own flat to share with her. We could meet up for lunch while I worked, and spend the weekends gallivanting around this expensive country. Some highlights:
-Going to the Italian town of Dommodossola on a beautiful, sunny day, and enjoying the town square with its carousel, ice cream and cafes. Oddly enough it's always really tough finding anywhere decent to eat dinner in this part of the world, but we found a good pizza place. Then we wandered back to the station about 8p.m. and found we'd missed the last train back to Switzerland! We ended up geting a 30 euro taxi to another town, where one more train was travelling to a town near where I've been living. And by "train" I mean "car transporter with a passenger crriage attached". Yikes, that was a close one!
-Going to some thermal baths... with the thermal baths part closed. It was still a massive swimming complex, with waves, rapids, a slide, all kinds of cool stuff. But I got so battered, shearing skin off my elbow, smashing my foot, plus some crazy sunburn for us both. Whoops.
-A nice evening out at some trendy Cuban style bar. The Swiss were quite insane.
-Travelling to Sion, the lovely capital of the region and climbing up to the two castles. I also went back there to meet some friends last weekend and had a really good time.

So, just as it starts getting really cold here, I will come back to England. It will be really good to be with Becky for some time, but of course, life is never simple, and after 10 days she goes on her travels around the world, starting in the far east, before heading to Australia, then South America in February when I will join her. Another 3 months or so, but this time, no visits, and far fewer calls. Still, she is very special to me and seems to share the same feelings, so I am glad she will have such a great time and I will get to be part of it too. I'm really lucky to have met her at all, through the wonders of OKcupid- one date, and that was that. probably get myself invested in girls too quickly and easily, but hey, it always feel right at the start doesn't it? God knows I need someone as sweet and loving as Becky after the hell that was my last relationship, for the last two years at least.

Here's a lil picature. We don't seem to have many pictures of us together yet, but I like this one as it's a bit silly. I do need a haircut though. It's even longer now. Apologies for no LJ-cut, I fear my knowledge of such complex techniques has been lost in the ages.

So, looking forwards to Engerland! After getting in late Wednesday, I should hopefully be meeting Lucas for lunch in southwest Londinium. If the Kemperwoods are okay with it I shall also borrow their flat for the weekend, as they are in Europe (as soon as I get back, the cheek :P ), and will need a base of operations in London. Thanks goys. shall certainly enjoy a bit of time away from working, then I will have some stuff to do at uni, and then on to writing up my thesis. I should be staying with my sister in Kent for a bit, but who knows. Technically I have no home, no job, not quite a student any more, I could just disappear... good thing I don't have all my moneys yet or I'd just book a round-the-world trip of my own ;)

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08:28pm 23/08/2010
mood: happy
Quasi-regular updates, howsabout that!

Things are going fine in Switzerland, the people are very reserved, despite the fact that randomers say hello (Or "Salu") to me all over the place. But the work is fine, I did a nice big experiment last week that went pretty much perfectly and didn't need me to come in at 4a.m. in the morning like it would at UCL (just to flip a switch) so that was nice.

On Friday I jumped on ze train to Geneva and went across the mountains and by the lake to catch a flight back to London for the weekend. Flight was a bit delayed so didn't get in til 10p.m. but Becky was there to meet me, she had been early as well, oops! On Saturday we got some lunch and then struggled to fit in everything we both had to do, which for me was organising some samples to send over from uni, do a load of shopping, get a haircut, and sort out some bank thinggies before going off to Nick's bday celebration in De Hems, before we went to meet Becky's mother in Camden for dinner, and then on to one of Becky's friends' birthday parties in Proud Galleries nearby. Quite an impressive venue but some of the staff are total pricks. But it was good fun and nice for us both to meet more of each others' peeps.

Sunday was more rushing around on my part, before Becky went back home in the afternoon to finish off her dissertation (Her uni handily got the deadline wrong so she had to give it on today, rather than Wednesday). I got most of my plans finished, but no haircut, ops. Still, got loads of good things (stranger!), a few books to keep me busy and the kind of packaged foods that I would take for granted in Engerland. I'm eating a lot more healthily these days so any help on that front is always good. English style curry on the way right now, yum yum!

Becky comes to visit Friday, she'll then be here for 10 days or so... can't wait. And she won't have the annoying dissertation hanging over her so she can actually relax and enjoy the beautiful country while I slave away at work. Students eh :P

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Greetings from la Suisse   
12:20am 02/08/2010
mood: chipper
So I don't post in here much ever these days but it's nice to have an update when big things happen, eh?

So for the last 4 years I've been going through my EngD, which is basically a doctorate, in Biochemical Engineering. It's been pretty tough going, not least because the contact with my sponsoring company has been so low to the point where I thought it had basically been jacked in, but, as it happens, here I am, about to start work for them as an intern for the last couple of months of my program. My company has been good enough to put me up in an apartment they have 2 minutes from the plant, and are giving me generous expenses plus money owed from all the time of non-contact (enough to pay off my entire student loans... but I won't!), so it's all pretty tickety-boo really!

My personal life has been all over the place for at least a year and a half. After going on a break with Marie early last year, we decided to get back together and move in together as well. If that sounds like an awful idea, it's because, well, it was. After the initial excitement of having our very own place wore off we were back to our usual rubbishness. Christmas saw me at home with my sister which was really nice and relaxing, then when Marie got back, after a few more weeks we decided to break up again. Foolishly I thought that we could make it to the end of the tenancy (which is now!) being civil and not seeing other people, so as to not cause any more hurt or pain than was necessary, and we seemed to be doing okay as friends... however Marie's will didn't last very long and she started seeing another guy almost straight away. Pro-tip: when you break up and either party says they just want time to be single, with no commitments, they are almost always lying, but usually un-knowingly, to themselves.

That made me a bit low, the combination of how quickly she jumped into a relationship with another guy and simply how she expected me to deal with it and still be buddy-buddy and cuddly with her, always on her terms. However, not long after that I met another girl, Becky. We had our first date just over a month ago, we had plans to see each other on the weekend, when she suggested we go to the late-night shindig that the Science Museum puts on the last Wednesday of every month. We had a really good time and got on together really well, and now a month on we're a proper couple. It feels like I've known her for ages, in spite of the fact it's only a month, and a month that went very quickly! However nothing is simple, with me having come to Switzerland for a while, and her going travelling at the end of the year, makes things very tricky! She's never really had an especially long-term relationship (usually freaking out after a few weeks, though she hasn't with me!), while of course I'm an old hat with this kind of thing, including the awfulness of long-distance relationships. Similarly to how almost a decade ago I would go visit Julie in Germany or Sweden, now the tables are reversed. Earlier today we booked her tickets to come visit at the end of the month, staying for 10 days after she's handed in her MSc dissertation, which of course is really good. Plus we have Skype these days, didn't have any of that stuff back in the day, nosirree. So let's hope this month goes super-quick, because this girl is simply amazing and having to be away from her so soon sucks!

Nancy's been really good to lean on the last few, err, years, when things haven't gone so well. Before leaving for Switzerland Nancy did make me a lovely going away meal, and got to meet Becky, who is making good impressions on everyone she meets. I have a good feeling about her, stay tuned for inevitable misery in future months!

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Thorpe park   
10:16am 18/10/2009
  We are in a long queue. It is slow but the sun is out. The ride is broken  

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11:50pm 22/03/2009
mood: cheerful
Arr, another post from me. This thing is kinda therapeutic, good for collecting thoughts, I had forgotten.

Tis has been a pretty nice weekend, Saturday afternoon was spent with a friend enjoying the sun in Regent's Park, it got a bit chilly after a couple of hours but it was good to just spend time under sunshine, I didn't have nearly enough of that last year. After that I headed to join Nancy and co for her goonmeet thing. Not entirely my cup of tea, but there's enough good people there to make it enjoyable. Plus, beer yay. When Nancy and Lucas left I stayed on for a bit as people decided they'd do some karaoke... which was pretty much a disaster. A Scottish fella hijacked the mic far too much (Which we had paid for), and after it all got into some fisticuffs with Kai after insulting his girlfriend in a really nasty way. He used his wife to distract us and then charged in at Kai, fortunately he was too drunk to do any real damage and the real concern was ensuring that another fella didn't go mental and destroy him (and his wife).

After that was a failed attempt to go to the Gala Casino which might have been fun, but they needed ID for us to get in but not everyone had it, so that was that. More failed attempts to find drinking in London in the early hours, seems to happen a lot...

Still, an enjoyable evening, wouldn't do it every month. Now... another week of hard work on the way. D'oh!

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02:29am 21/03/2009
mood: chipper
Well, seems like I have to give a shout-out to the nancinator, who has been telling me to get on this program spotify for the last few weeks. Now let me tell you: don't start looking at this program at 1.30a.m. in the morning (Yes, a.m. in the morning!!). It's not a good idea. Pretty much every long-lost song I thought I'd have to make do without hearing again is on here, save for a few songs by those eternally wacky japs. This is surely what the internet was made for... that and the last episode of BSG, and if Virgin sends me another letter for daring to use a torrent program, then, well, flock them to hell and back.

Anyways, tis has been a decent week or three, tonight was Tom's birthday, was good to hang out with the boys (Get a YMCA feeling) for the first time in ages, has been too long. It's funny to see the progress in each of our lives. A couple of years back, he would tell these amusing stories about his brother, who MUST have been gay... but tonight, his brother was there with his parnter of 9 months. Progress, I tell you. In my pseudo-singleness I am finding people in happy relationships quite touching, without cynicism, but perhaps some pragmatism. Tomorrow (Today?) should be a good day, I have a feeling it shall involve a rare level of drunken-ness, but not in a bad way.

This entry has been written whilst "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" has been on the TV in front of me. A bunch of men in monkey suits and orange prison jump suits causing trouble and riotting has made it somewhat surreal.

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Update tastic..!   
01:09am 28/02/2009
mood: sad
So, things are ok. I've seen Nancy and some other friends the last few days, and spent this evening watching the Dark Knight with my housemate and another friend- has been nice to just enjoy being with chums.

I was trolling facebook earlier, and noticed something incredibly sad though. A couple of weeks back I went out to Fabric, a big club in Laaandan. It was to mark my mate Lee's birthday, and a couple of others actually made it out to the nightclub, including his brother Andrew. He was a really friendly guy, and I remember talking with him about his relationship that had gone tits-up recently and he seemed really hopeful that he might work things through with her. Well, on facebook, there's a group mourning his recent passing. Only met him for a few hours, but it's the saddest thing I've known in years. So much life and hope, no more :(

I can take a little heart I suppose though, that the two brothers hadn't seen each other in a long while, so at least they got to have a good night out with each other.

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Dear Livegerbil   
02:09pm 28/09/2008
mood: sick
Long time no post, so if anyone still reads, hello and how goes it?

Should be back off to Switzerland with uni/work sometime soon, that will be exciting/ dull. Looking forward to it happening as it's taken a long time to go through.

So, might as well talk about recent goings on since I'm here. Started the day at Marie's family's place for her niece's birthday, they had a bouncy castle, was fun. As happens to most people, it was also friend's 27th birthday so I went out to join them down a nice bar down in Wombledon. Expensive but good vibe, tables reserved, got to see a few gusy I hadn't seen in ages so it was a great evening. A friend had just broken up with his girlfriend the day before so was looking to go to a club- and amazingly we couldn't actually find one in London that would let us in and that time of night! Very silly. In the end we went all the way up to Camden and met a friend, though there were still no clubs to go to. They decided to taxi all the way back to south London, but I decided to get the bus home. I dozed a little and after a bit the driver was shouting "last stop, all change please". I was a bit narked at the bus stopping so early but we'd actually gone right past my stop, all the way over London in just half an hour. Funny when I remember my first experience getting night buses all over London trying to get home at 4a.m. when I was 18 it was never that easy... foolishly I waited 10 minutes for a bus, decided to get a burger and then saw two buses go past as I came out. Darn them, why must they come in convoys?! I got home easily enough in the end, onto the airbed and glorious sleep.

Then awful hangover this morning/ afternoon. Made a squillion times worse by my housemate repeatedly setting off the smoke alarm and then being unable to switch it off. Blergh!

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12:34pm 30/01/2008
mood: cheerful
Time for one of those rare posts from me, usually I don't post because life is either boring and I have nothing to say, or I have stuff going on so can't find the time or energy to write. But this time it's different: as I'm writing about stuff to happen.

After nearly 18 months of being on my industrially sponsored doctorate, I'm about to go visit my company for the first time. It's in Visp, in Switzerland, which is obviouslly very exciting. Quite weird how it's panned out, I'd been told February, heard nothing about it (despite asking) until Monday, when I wrangled a possible date out of my supervisor, then the next day, an email from my boss in Switzerland confirming. Nice! Funnily enough I got another e-mail this morning saying "I need your answer urgently!" after I'd already replied, followed by a swift "whoops, didn't see your e-mail". The guy is very nice though, suggesting I go to Geneva as the trainride will offer spectacular views. And offering alpine activities with him and his wife on the Saturday. Aww. Still it won't be all fun and games, it'll be hard work an presentations as well. I'm looking forward to it!

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Awesome Video Games   
12:27am 12/09/2007
mood: tired
Nancy made me a new avatar, so I feel obliged to make an entry for the first time in two months.

Has been an interesting couple of months, had my six month anniversary with Marie just recently... and it was actually the day she'd gone home to Leeds. There's timing for ya. We did meet up in Macnhester the next weekend though, as I had gone up there to meet Lee, and it was a splendid time, Marie and I getting each other gifts, eating in Wetherspoons like it's normal, going on a big wheel, etc.

Nancy was good enough to cook a great roast dinner tonight (A Tuesday indeed!), she's getting good at this stuff. Now, must sleep, got a big week ahead of me...

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Silly me   
02:06pm 05/07/2007
mood: calm
Yesterday I managed to lose my coat, at a swimming pool. Very silly me. It had in it my phone, wallet, £50 and passport. The passport was in there because at the BBQ we were headed to in the evening you had to have ID to buy alcohol, plus I often carry it with me since I look young. On the plus side, my Oyster/ Young Person's Railcard wasn't in there. Ten points to me I think!

So now I've had to go through the usual rigaromorole. Is that a word? Doesn't matter. It's been reported to the police, so I have a funky crime reference number- for the second time in just a few weeks. Lucky me! My phone was blocked straight away, it had been turned off and 3 inform me that no calls were made on it, so that's a relief. They are sending me a new SIM and a half-decent phone for £50, for which I am very grateful (It was £15 + VAT for the SIM alone last time I "lost" my phone)! They say they should arrive tomorrow, but I can't see it happening. I'll still have to miss a day of uni in case it arrives though.

Debit and credit cards are cancelled. I managed to convince the lady at the counter to give me £60 though it wasn't easy. Don't know if I'll get a new credit card, as I hadn't changed the address last time I moved and you need the card to change the address. I might as well just cancel the thing, I'm smart enough to not use it and have long since forgotten the PIN number anyway.

Nancy was kind enough to get new keys cut, though they cost a ridiculous amount. I also lost my uni locker key with them, but I'll be able to get a copy of that for £1.50 tomorrow. That leaves store cards (Useless!), the esteemed Yellow Card (Boo hoo) and my passport. That'll require a bit more work unfortunately, new photos, getting a "professional person" to sign it (The lecturer who interviewed me just over two years should count), and then the £70 for it. Erk.

Quiet night in tonight, then food and club tomorrow. However either or both could easily fall through as a) I no longer have anyone's phone number and b) No ID could mean no club. Which would be tres annoyant. But that's life.

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06:33pm 25/06/2007
mood: tired
Been a while since I updated, guess I might as well bump off smelly ol' Marie from the top of my page. It's not that I've had a more thrilling life these days or been particularly busy at uni or anything like that, I'm just lazy :P

However Glastonbury I think does deserve a post. We (Me, Marie, Nancy and Mark) went down to Somerset for the festival on Wednesday; originally I was quite unhappy that we were going to early but when I heard about the weather and things like that I was pleased as it'd mean we'd end up with a decent enough spot. I think we had somewhere fairly good in the end- well away from the smelly toilets, slightly raised. Only problem was the guy in the next tent along snored like a train, though I was probably the only one bothered by it.

The festival began properly on Friday and I saw a good few bands over the time- the Killers, Chemical Brothers, Manic Street Preachers, Arcade Fire, The Editors, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Sandi Thom and Martha Wainright being the main ones.

I was most looking forward to the Killers, been wanting to see them for at least a couple of years now. Unfortunately their set was a travesty, due to the extremely poor planning by the organisers. Other than Iggy Pop who is not exactly the most popular present-day performer there was no other big band headlining Saturday night which meant that the vast majority, easily well over 100,000 people were watching the Killers. Watching, not listening. The music system was absolutely awful, it was so quiet where myself and Marie were that she could hear me whisper. Appalling. The sound increased for the encore but not enough to matter. Similarly, when we saw Arcade Fire the previous evening at the other stage it sounded really flat, though Nancy liked, being them near the front of the stage.

The Chemical Brothers' set was really good, though it really could have used an encore at the end, too many people felt cheated by it from what I could tell. A quick "Block Rocking Beats" would have sent us all home happy, and if it's so obvious to me, why isn't it obvious to them? Probably too busy coming up with scary clowns for the visual show.

Lily Allen's set was really anjoyable, she was definitely better than Amy Winehouse. Apparently myself and Marie were very clearly on TV in a crown shot during that set, so if any of you saw my mug on ITV on Saturday night, I apologise.

In general I wasn't blown over by Glastonbury. This will probably be one of the most negative reviews you'll read, but not everyone is touting the company line of "yes it was awesome it really was I had the best time, and didn't mind the mud and constant rain at all!". One of the guys in a nearby tent left early on Sunday saying that if you have to stay drunk to enjoy yourself, then it's just not fun. Too true.

I liken Glastonbury to Final Fantasy XII- it can go on for well over a hundred hours if you do the extra stuff, but you're not actually sure if much of that is really any fun. The music's not really improved over the years (Though the visuals are spectacular), and there's far too much aimless wandering. Don't really like the implementation of the weather system to be honest either :P

Back to uni tomorrow, boo hoo.

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10:34pm 10/05/2007
  Marie is smelly!!!!  

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11:25pm 22/04/2007
mood: cheerful
Cypher, one of those movies that's been on loads of times, finally getting round to watching it... and ooh, Nigel Bennett's in it. Seems to be playing an evil Prince-type character, this could actually turn out to be a good movie!

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03:54pm 19/04/2007
mood: accomplished
Phones 4u finally came through for me, and got me a phone. Bless! Instead of the w850i or whatever, I have a Sony Ericsson K800i, which according to brief checkings on the internet, is a very good phone, or at least it was in August of last year. So that's good. It's main selling point is its cameraness, which is also good because I have no digital camera and always intended to get one. The store even gave me the £45 cashback, and the guy who sorted me out really did his utmost best for me, I was very impressed with his efforts.

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11:55pm 16/04/2007
mood: late
Still at uni, oh what a chore. Well it's not like I'm missing anything, as Marie and Nancy are both up north for work experience (Not at the same place, I wouldn't be nutty enough to let a current girlfriend go work with an ex :P ). We seem to have been adopted by a cat who may keep me company in the mean time; since she has probably given us names like "Why aren't you feeding me?" and "How do I get off this bloody roof?", we decided to name her, and think we stuck on SPAAAAAAAAARTA!!!! Good name for a cat, I think.

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07:01pm 12/04/2007
mood: cheerful
In other, more encouraging news I have a lovely Pizza from Tesco (Finest) and the movie "Dead or Alive" to watch tonight. Mmmm Holly Valance.

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Curse of the Gibbons   
06:08pm 12/04/2007
mood: pissed off
Yes, first post in ages, and it's a ranty one.

The Curse of the Gibbons relates to telecommunication companies, and no matter how simple a request a member of my family might make, they always, always manage to botch it.

Today's escapade revolved around me finally getting around to upgrade my phone. I didn't want to do it by calling up my phone company, as that would involve having an Indian trying to describe to me how very good a particular phone is as opposed to my getting to see and try out what's on offer.

So I went along to Phones 4U at the centerpoint of Tottenham Court Road. I blame the adverts, on account of their being fun. They quickly sat me down and tried to get their claws into me, suggesting I move to Vodafone or Orange, and seemed somewhat perplexed by my desire to retain my number, my provider (3G), just upgrade my phone, modify the contract and get on with life.

But the girl headed to the basement and found a 3-compatible phone... decent camera, mp3 player, 1 gig memory card, sure whatever I'm not paying extra for a phone so just give it to me. Then we talked over the tarriffs and apparently the only one available was slightly more expensive, and with 6 months half price (no lame cashback redemption either) and the ability to downgrade the tarriff after nine months, I wasn't sure, so she wandered off to see her manager who agreed they'd give me £45 cash there in the store to take the deal. Such bargaining skillz! I agreed, and we started the process of checking my credit rating and sorting it out.

It went okay, my SIM was transferred to the new tarriff and everything was smooth, that is until the final hurdle: scanning the phone in and giving it to me. Then it all went wrong. They couldn't scan the phone in, and in fact there was not a single 3G compatible phone in the shop they could give to me. But my new contract had already been authorised, 3 had put me onto the new potentially more expensive contract, my "upgrade" had gone through and so I'd not be able to get a new phone anywhere else!

The staff at Phones 4U called back the people at 3 to ask that they cancel the authorisation, i.e. return me to the starting point. But 3 refused, the fuckers, saying there was nothing they could do! WTF! Cue lots of calling back and forth, other staff coming out and trying to sort it out, but always the same answer. At one point the guys passed me to the phone and one of the Indians at 3 told me he couldn't revoke it as "it's a business decision", and the only one who could do it was the people at Phones 4U, which was total bullshit, as of course they would have already if it was in their power.

Not even the mighty Raj could help, init. By that point, I was expecting them to bring out a horse to solve my problem (See Little Britain).

Eventually I had to leave, 45 minutes and nothing to show for it. Utter wank. And when I check my service on my current, shitty needs-charging-every-day mobile I'm on the new contract. I'm fucked at the moment, basically.

It's the same every time I deal with a company like this; the people behind the desk know what I want, and then they have the choice of two buttons to press: the "Help the customer get what he wants, take his money and everyone wins" button, or the "FUCK UP BEYOND ALL BELIEF, WASTE EVERYONE'S TIME AND ENSURE HE NEVER EVER DOES BUSINESS WITH US AGAIN, WHY DO WE WANT HIS CASH ANYWAY???!?!??!??!?!?!" button. They choose the latter, every time.

So I'll have to head back to the shop tomorrow, see if they've sorted it out. They won't have. I know that as soon as I stepped out the store, they'll have sighed, decided they'd spent so long trying to do me right and forgotten about it. When they tell me they've not sorted it, what then? I think I'm going to have to waste my own time sorting this out, speaking to Miss Patel in India, who will barely speak the language, to get me back to square one... how ironic that I only have to do this because I didn't want to call India in the first place. At one point for security I had to give my date of birth. "Fifth of May nineteen-eighty-two" I said. The girl on the other end had no idea. "Fifth"? ""May"? Oh all right you win I'll speak the language you've been trained in, zero five zero five one nine eight two. Now we know.

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And so it begins   
08:01pm 23/02/2007
mood: cheerful
I'm all by myself, I've got FF12, my hands and that's all I need. Signing off!

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01:53pm 03/01/2007
mood: tired
Quick entry to say happy new year everyone, among other things!

Bee na good Christmas with Mikki and her family, then New Years, which was good except I got a bit too plastered. Not my fault that a fellow was offering some very nice whiskey around is it?

On the first, since it's our anniversary, when I'd recovered Mikki took me out for a lovely dinner at, like, a proper restaurant and everything, and then we went to the theatre to see "Wicked", which was very good.

But no time to talk about every little thing, as I'm off to Sweden in a little bit, where I'll be meeting Mikki's grandmother. Not the first time I've been to Sweden, and hopefully it'll be nice and relaxing for us, since it's been to work/ university of Monday.


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