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Been a while since I updated, guess I might as well bump off smelly ol' Marie from the top of my page. It's not that I've had a more thrilling life these days or been particularly busy at uni or anything like that, I'm just lazy :P

However Glastonbury I think does deserve a post. We (Me, Marie, Nancy and Mark) went down to Somerset for the festival on Wednesday; originally I was quite unhappy that we were going to early but when I heard about the weather and things like that I was pleased as it'd mean we'd end up with a decent enough spot. I think we had somewhere fairly good in the end- well away from the smelly toilets, slightly raised. Only problem was the guy in the next tent along snored like a train, though I was probably the only one bothered by it.

The festival began properly on Friday and I saw a good few bands over the time- the Killers, Chemical Brothers, Manic Street Preachers, Arcade Fire, The Editors, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Sandi Thom and Martha Wainright being the main ones.

I was most looking forward to the Killers, been wanting to see them for at least a couple of years now. Unfortunately their set was a travesty, due to the extremely poor planning by the organisers. Other than Iggy Pop who is not exactly the most popular present-day performer there was no other big band headlining Saturday night which meant that the vast majority, easily well over 100,000 people were watching the Killers. Watching, not listening. The music system was absolutely awful, it was so quiet where myself and Marie were that she could hear me whisper. Appalling. The sound increased for the encore but not enough to matter. Similarly, when we saw Arcade Fire the previous evening at the other stage it sounded really flat, though Nancy liked, being them near the front of the stage.

The Chemical Brothers' set was really good, though it really could have used an encore at the end, too many people felt cheated by it from what I could tell. A quick "Block Rocking Beats" would have sent us all home happy, and if it's so obvious to me, why isn't it obvious to them? Probably too busy coming up with scary clowns for the visual show.

Lily Allen's set was really anjoyable, she was definitely better than Amy Winehouse. Apparently myself and Marie were very clearly on TV in a crown shot during that set, so if any of you saw my mug on ITV on Saturday night, I apologise.

In general I wasn't blown over by Glastonbury. This will probably be one of the most negative reviews you'll read, but not everyone is touting the company line of "yes it was awesome it really was I had the best time, and didn't mind the mud and constant rain at all!". One of the guys in a nearby tent left early on Sunday saying that if you have to stay drunk to enjoy yourself, then it's just not fun. Too true.

I liken Glastonbury to Final Fantasy XII- it can go on for well over a hundred hours if you do the extra stuff, but you're not actually sure if much of that is really any fun. The music's not really improved over the years (Though the visuals are spectacular), and there's far too much aimless wandering. Don't really like the implementation of the weather system to be honest either :P

Back to uni tomorrow, boo hoo.
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