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Silly me

Yesterday I managed to lose my coat, at a swimming pool. Very silly me. It had in it my phone, wallet, £50 and passport. The passport was in there because at the BBQ we were headed to in the evening you had to have ID to buy alcohol, plus I often carry it with me since I look young. On the plus side, my Oyster/ Young Person's Railcard wasn't in there. Ten points to me I think!

So now I've had to go through the usual rigaromorole. Is that a word? Doesn't matter. It's been reported to the police, so I have a funky crime reference number- for the second time in just a few weeks. Lucky me! My phone was blocked straight away, it had been turned off and 3 inform me that no calls were made on it, so that's a relief. They are sending me a new SIM and a half-decent phone for £50, for which I am very grateful (It was £15 + VAT for the SIM alone last time I "lost" my phone)! They say they should arrive tomorrow, but I can't see it happening. I'll still have to miss a day of uni in case it arrives though.

Debit and credit cards are cancelled. I managed to convince the lady at the counter to give me £60 though it wasn't easy. Don't know if I'll get a new credit card, as I hadn't changed the address last time I moved and you need the card to change the address. I might as well just cancel the thing, I'm smart enough to not use it and have long since forgotten the PIN number anyway.

Nancy was kind enough to get new keys cut, though they cost a ridiculous amount. I also lost my uni locker key with them, but I'll be able to get a copy of that for £1.50 tomorrow. That leaves store cards (Useless!), the esteemed Yellow Card (Boo hoo) and my passport. That'll require a bit more work unfortunately, new photos, getting a "professional person" to sign it (The lecturer who interviewed me just over two years should count), and then the £70 for it. Erk.

Quiet night in tonight, then food and club tomorrow. However either or both could easily fall through as a) I no longer have anyone's phone number and b) No ID could mean no club. Which would be tres annoyant. But that's life.
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