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Time for one of those rare posts from me, usually I don't post because life is either boring and I have nothing to say, or I have stuff going on so can't find the time or energy to write. But this time it's different: as I'm writing about stuff to happen.

After nearly 18 months of being on my industrially sponsored doctorate, I'm about to go visit my company for the first time. It's in Visp, in Switzerland, which is obviouslly very exciting. Quite weird how it's panned out, I'd been told February, heard nothing about it (despite asking) until Monday, when I wrangled a possible date out of my supervisor, then the next day, an email from my boss in Switzerland confirming. Nice! Funnily enough I got another e-mail this morning saying "I need your answer urgently!" after I'd already replied, followed by a swift "whoops, didn't see your e-mail". The guy is very nice though, suggesting I go to Geneva as the trainride will offer spectacular views. And offering alpine activities with him and his wife on the Saturday. Aww. Still it won't be all fun and games, it'll be hard work an presentations as well. I'm looking forward to it!
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