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Arr, another post from me. This thing is kinda therapeutic, good for collecting thoughts, I had forgotten.

Tis has been a pretty nice weekend, Saturday afternoon was spent with a friend enjoying the sun in Regent's Park, it got a bit chilly after a couple of hours but it was good to just spend time under sunshine, I didn't have nearly enough of that last year. After that I headed to join Nancy and co for her goonmeet thing. Not entirely my cup of tea, but there's enough good people there to make it enjoyable. Plus, beer yay. When Nancy and Lucas left I stayed on for a bit as people decided they'd do some karaoke... which was pretty much a disaster. A Scottish fella hijacked the mic far too much (Which we had paid for), and after it all got into some fisticuffs with Kai after insulting his girlfriend in a really nasty way. He used his wife to distract us and then charged in at Kai, fortunately he was too drunk to do any real damage and the real concern was ensuring that another fella didn't go mental and destroy him (and his wife).

After that was a failed attempt to go to the Gala Casino which might have been fun, but they needed ID for us to get in but not everyone had it, so that was that. More failed attempts to find drinking in London in the early hours, seems to happen a lot...

Still, an enjoyable evening, wouldn't do it every month. Now... another week of hard work on the way. D'oh!
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