Daniel (gibsie) wrote,

Greetings from la Suisse

So I don't post in here much ever these days but it's nice to have an update when big things happen, eh?

So for the last 4 years I've been going through my EngD, which is basically a doctorate, in Biochemical Engineering. It's been pretty tough going, not least because the contact with my sponsoring company has been so low to the point where I thought it had basically been jacked in, but, as it happens, here I am, about to start work for them as an intern for the last couple of months of my program. My company has been good enough to put me up in an apartment they have 2 minutes from the plant, and are giving me generous expenses plus money owed from all the time of non-contact (enough to pay off my entire student loans... but I won't!), so it's all pretty tickety-boo really!

My personal life has been all over the place for at least a year and a half. After going on a break with Marie early last year, we decided to get back together and move in together as well. If that sounds like an awful idea, it's because, well, it was. After the initial excitement of having our very own place wore off we were back to our usual rubbishness. Christmas saw me at home with my sister which was really nice and relaxing, then when Marie got back, after a few more weeks we decided to break up again. Foolishly I thought that we could make it to the end of the tenancy (which is now!) being civil and not seeing other people, so as to not cause any more hurt or pain than was necessary, and we seemed to be doing okay as friends... however Marie's will didn't last very long and she started seeing another guy almost straight away. Pro-tip: when you break up and either party says they just want time to be single, with no commitments, they are almost always lying, but usually un-knowingly, to themselves.

That made me a bit low, the combination of how quickly she jumped into a relationship with another guy and simply how she expected me to deal with it and still be buddy-buddy and cuddly with her, always on her terms. However, not long after that I met another girl, Becky. We had our first date just over a month ago, we had plans to see each other on the weekend, when she suggested we go to the late-night shindig that the Science Museum puts on the last Wednesday of every month. We had a really good time and got on together really well, and now a month on we're a proper couple. It feels like I've known her for ages, in spite of the fact it's only a month, and a month that went very quickly! However nothing is simple, with me having come to Switzerland for a while, and her going travelling at the end of the year, makes things very tricky! She's never really had an especially long-term relationship (usually freaking out after a few weeks, though she hasn't with me!), while of course I'm an old hat with this kind of thing, including the awfulness of long-distance relationships. Similarly to how almost a decade ago I would go visit Julie in Germany or Sweden, now the tables are reversed. Earlier today we booked her tickets to come visit at the end of the month, staying for 10 days after she's handed in her MSc dissertation, which of course is really good. Plus we have Skype these days, didn't have any of that stuff back in the day, nosirree. So let's hope this month goes super-quick, because this girl is simply amazing and having to be away from her so soon sucks!

Nancy's been really good to lean on the last few, err, years, when things haven't gone so well. Before leaving for Switzerland Nancy did make me a lovely going away meal, and got to meet Becky, who is making good impressions on everyone she meets. I have a good feeling about her, stay tuned for inevitable misery in future months!
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