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End of the road

So just aboot to go to sleep, as it's my last couple of days working in Switzerland this week, before coming back on Wednesday. It's been a good 2/3 months. Well, the work hasn't gone especially well but I have results and stuff so that's ok and should get all the dosh I'm owed fairly soon. At the moment my bank account is basically drained, and Marie messing up the return of my deposit has not helped, and I have to wait until start of November before transferring the remaining pay from Switzerland to my Barclays account. I -should- have enough to last until then. I'm staying at Becky's mother's place in Windsor until she leaves, and her mother has kindly offered to lend me some moolah to cover the trip to South America I have planned with Becky for next year.

In total Becky came to visit three times, and it was really great having my own flat to share with her. We could meet up for lunch while I worked, and spend the weekends gallivanting around this expensive country. Some highlights:
-Going to the Italian town of Dommodossola on a beautiful, sunny day, and enjoying the town square with its carousel, ice cream and cafes. Oddly enough it's always really tough finding anywhere decent to eat dinner in this part of the world, but we found a good pizza place. Then we wandered back to the station about 8p.m. and found we'd missed the last train back to Switzerland! We ended up geting a 30 euro taxi to another town, where one more train was travelling to a town near where I've been living. And by "train" I mean "car transporter with a passenger crriage attached". Yikes, that was a close one!
-Going to some thermal baths... with the thermal baths part closed. It was still a massive swimming complex, with waves, rapids, a slide, all kinds of cool stuff. But I got so battered, shearing skin off my elbow, smashing my foot, plus some crazy sunburn for us both. Whoops.
-A nice evening out at some trendy Cuban style bar. The Swiss were quite insane.
-Travelling to Sion, the lovely capital of the region and climbing up to the two castles. I also went back there to meet some friends last weekend and had a really good time.

So, just as it starts getting really cold here, I will come back to England. It will be really good to be with Becky for some time, but of course, life is never simple, and after 10 days she goes on her travels around the world, starting in the far east, before heading to Australia, then South America in February when I will join her. Another 3 months or so, but this time, no visits, and far fewer calls. Still, she is very special to me and seems to share the same feelings, so I am glad she will have such a great time and I will get to be part of it too. I'm really lucky to have met her at all, through the wonders of OKcupid- one date, and that was that. probably get myself invested in girls too quickly and easily, but hey, it always feel right at the start doesn't it? God knows I need someone as sweet and loving as Becky after the hell that was my last relationship, for the last two years at least.

Here's a lil picature. We don't seem to have many pictures of us together yet, but I like this one as it's a bit silly. I do need a haircut though. It's even longer now. Apologies for no LJ-cut, I fear my knowledge of such complex techniques has been lost in the ages.

So, looking forwards to Engerland! After getting in late Wednesday, I should hopefully be meeting Lucas for lunch in southwest Londinium. If the Kemperwoods are okay with it I shall also borrow their flat for the weekend, as they are in Europe (as soon as I get back, the cheek :P ), and will need a base of operations in London. Thanks goys. shall certainly enjoy a bit of time away from working, then I will have some stuff to do at uni, and then on to writing up my thesis. I should be staying with my sister in Kent for a bit, but who knows. Technically I have no home, no job, not quite a student any more, I could just disappear... good thing I don't have all my moneys yet or I'd just book a round-the-world trip of my own ;)
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